NLMC Film Project

Earlier this year we successfully applied for a BMC small grant to support
a NLMC film project. We are now going to start the filming and will be
going out to meets and visiting members for interviews…

What are we hoping to achieve?
• To promote the Club to potential new members (online and via social media)
• To capture a flavour of the last 60 years of the Club
• To chronicle the oral history of the Club, particularly amongst our
longer-standing members

What are we hoping to produce?
We would like to produce a short part-promotional, part-legacy film filled
with interviews of members from throughout the Club’s history. We have a
particularly rich oral history that needs capturing now, particularly
amongst our longer-standing members.

The film however will not just be filled with stories about all the hard
climbing our members have done; we would also like to portray a flavour of
the Club’s diverse history including early trips and meet-ups using the
Club’s cottage and barn in Capel Curig, North Wales as a backdrop.

This film would also be used to encourage more new climbers to join our
club - highlighting the years of experience amongst its current membership

  • and will be placed on our website, Facebook page, and twitter account to
    promote the club.

What are the project’s next steps?
I will be filming and interviewing at this year’s AGM (with a professional
filmmaker, Dan Josman). I will then be getting in touch with various
members to ask whether they would be willing to be interviewed.

What can Club members do to support this endeavour?
• If you have any photos or archival material linked to the Club’s history,
I would love to hear from you, email
• If you would like to be interviewed or recommend a Club member to be
interviewed, please drop me a line (I already have a list of members in
mind, but happy to include others). Email
• If there’s any other support you’d like to give to the project, please
email me on … I think you’ve got the message… :slight_smile:

I look forward to hearing from you!