NLMC Cornwall Solstice Meet 2024 - 22-23rd June

Why would I go all the way to Cornwall to go climbing you ask?

How about stunning granite sea cliffs and (almost) the longest day of the year to enjoy them?

A BBQ on a the beach?

Crags with views like this (Bosigran):

Climbs like this…with belay spots like this (Right Angle at Gurnard’s Head)

… pm me for more reasons. Climbing in Cornwall is magical.

Meet type: Sea cliff/ Trad

When: 22nd/23rd June 2024, people may likely head up Friday eve and return Sunday, but people are welcome to extend their stay

Location: Land’s End Peninsula/ West Penwith

Skills & Experience level: Med - Lead belaying and abseiling with prussik (and recommend brushing up awareness of how to ascend a rope!)

Equipment required: Basic climbing and abseiling kit (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes, personal anchor and prussik loops (x2) and ideally some additional personal kit (slings, carabiners).

Signup: NLMC Cornwall Solstice Meet - 2024 - Google Sheets


Accommodation: I’m going to make a booking at Treverven Campsite and we’ll need to confirm numbers closer to the time. Watch this space.

Solstice BBQ: an excellent tradition. Porthcurno beach is a gorgeous spot for a BBQ at the end of a long Saturday on the rock. People tend to buy BBQ food together on the weekend. Work out logistics amongst yourselves. I believe Peter may be planning on collecting the BBQ from whoever is currently looking after it? If not, we’ll need another volunteer.

Unfortunately, the beach is no longer walking distance from the campsite (10 points if you can guess which one moved). Last year we didn’t struggle to find a few designated drivers.

Transport: As usual please look at the sign-up sheet and arrange transportation, best is to direct message those with cars to reserve your spot and update the spreadsheet accordingly

Important info:

  • Sea cliffs can be more serious in nature than other climbing venues so please make sure you are comfortable with the skills needed, if unsure please speak to one the committee members and we’d be happy to discuss.

  • Climbing partners are self-organised between members, this is often arranged informally in advance/on the drive down/ at the campsite over breakfast. Happy to answer any concerns/questions

  • Reminder that those joining the meets typically need to be members of the club. If you’d like to come along to try out a meet before joining, please get in touch with a member of the committee so that we can arrange to meet you and check your belaying (typically at the Castle in London).

  • A reminder, as for all meets, please make sure you are aware and comfortable with the BMC statement of participation, found on the bottom of our meets page. Signing up to meets confirms acceptance of this: Meets - North London Mountaineering Club

We have the BBQ! Sadly won’t be able to join this year because of my very inconvenient due date. We’re in Harringay if anyone wants to come pick it up. I gave it a good clean last year before putting it away!!

There’s a sack of my coppice charcoal for the bbq if someone can pick up, Forest of Dean/Stroud. If anyone wants to stop in the woods on way down you’d be very welcome, helping load the charcoal kiln optional :wink:

Blue skies here, Wye crags drying out

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Hello! Does anyone have space in their car to and from cornwall? ideally north or east london. Thanks!

Hi, I’m fairly new to the club; I’m really hoping to get out a bit this Summer, and this looks like an incredible trip - I’d love to be able to come along. To look at the description, I’m probably towards the bottom end of the suggested level of skill & experience (I’ve done some trad, but I’ve generally been out with more experienced climbers than myself) - would anyone be able to give a bit of a steer on whether there’s any space for one or two folk who are still developing somewhat on a trip like this?

@ Tom92 I’m going to leave someone who has climbed in Cornwall before to answer your question!

Everyone else, could you add to the spreadsheet your travel plans if you’ve not already so I can give the campsite an idea of how long we are all staying. I’ve also added a column for camping arrangements (tent size, van etc) so we can work out how many pitches we need. They appear from the website to have plenty of pitches left, so they will hopefully be reasonably flexible if plans aren’t finalised or anyone will be playing it by ear depending on weather.

@LucyJoyce, will you be confirming arrangements re the camp site, e.g. whether we have a particular area reserved for us or not and whether we need to take cash? I have collected the barbecue from Laura & John and will be bringing it down.

Yep I’ll sort out plans with the campsite, will give them a call today.

Thanks for sorting the bbq!

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They have numbered pitches so it’s not been as easy as reserving us a corner of a field and paying for how many night we end up staying, so I’ve booked 2 pitches for Friday to Sunday and 2 pitches for Friday to Tuesday. Each pitch technically sleeps 6, but she said that’s a bit tight if all in seperate tents or cars and it’s no more expensive per person to have an extra pitch so I may book an extra one once we have confirmed numbers. She said they’re quiet in the week so anyone wanting to stay longer can easily extend. We are 44, 45, 46 and 47.

So, any weekenders please camp / park in pitches 44 and 45, and anyone who is extending please camp in pitches 46 and 47. It works out at £11pppn.

I will collect money and pay her when we’re there, happy to take cash or bank transfer. There is WiFi so we can sort during the weekend.

She was a bit concerned about us arriving late, but I’ve told her we are old hands at building tents by head torch light and will be very quiet.

WhatsApp chat is also now live.

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Hi, planning to drive down Friday at mid-day from near the Castle and coming back Sunday evening. Got three spaces in the car if that works for anyone!