NLMC Calendar 2022

Against my better judgement, I’ve decided to organise a calendar for 2022

What I need are

  1. Pictures to go in it
  2. A list of people who want one (@ £18; plus additional P+P for people I can’t deliver to in person once they are sent to me)

Please send me photos (mostly @Ladislav I’m looking at you) direct, and/or indicate desire for a calendar here:

If I don’t get enough good pictures by the end of the month, or if there is insufficient demand, I’ll sack it off. But it was nice when we had them in the past.

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Nothing much from me this year I’m affraid :frowning: This is more or less it, might be more after this month’s trip to El Chorro.


There are Lundy photos. I’ll sort him out in the next day or so.

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‘Nothing much’ - those photos are awesome @Ladislav - can make up at least half of the calendar with those :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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A couple of offerings below mostly in the theme of “bouldering with a pretty backdrop”

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@Ladislav those are amazing! At least half a calendar there as Jess says!

@ajmorris228 nice stuff too, always keen for a bit of pretty backgrounds (better than bouldering)

@dabarlow - yes please to Lundy snaps!

Do you want just landscape orientation?

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@PaulSagar I wish I could get some photos of pretty backgrounds with roped climbing in the foreground, but it seems rather more difficult to organise these days! I am hoping for an improvement next year…

If folk are ever heading down to Dorset then do let me know…

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tilly on tryfan at the weekend…

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good to hear! Lovely photos so far. We’ll have a look see

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Landscape tends to be easiest to work with, yes!

Hers’s a selection, mainly Lundy but a few others Dropbox - NLMC Calendar 2021 - Simplify your life

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I’ve got the above shots from this year’s Lundy trip; showing Max Adamson & David Barlow on Headline, E1 5b.


Ok I reckon there will be enough photos for a calendar…but there aren’t many takers at present!

Sign up, sign up…

Hey guys, given that the take-up for this hasn’t been exactly overwhelming, I may give it a miss? It’s a fair amount of hassle and it doesn’t look like people are desperate for calendars!

Well that’s a shame!

Tardy signing up - have just done so if helps

Aaah, that’s a shame