Nlmc awards 2019: nominations open!

It is not long to go until the 2019 AGM and Dinner.

And you know what that means?


Hosted this year by myself and JT, it promises to be an evening of glitz and glamour, sparkle and panache. The paparazzi will be out in force. The tabloids salivating in anticipation. But for there to be awards, there need to be…nominations.

Has a club member you know broken into a new grade?

Has a friend turned up to the crag without harness/shoes/chalk/etcetera?

Did somebody you know spend a night shivering on an icy alpine ledge, in just a down jacket?

Have you or your partner done anything else of note that ought rightfully to be recorded in the annals of club history?

If so then LET US KNOW

Nominations to (or just message me).

Let no hilarious deed go unpunished.

Is this essentially a Year In Review for you Paul? Don’t forget to add in forgetting to wear a helmet on questionable rock. Or which of us have landed on our partner’s heads.

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@dabarlow said I’m not allowed to win all the awards but I think that is unfair if I deserve to win all of the awards


Last call for award nominations please!

(Because I’m busy as heck this week and need to squeeze in a time to sort out the details of the Ceremony.)