NLMC 2020 calendar

A great club tradition over the past few years has been the production of a calendar featuring photos of climbing exploits by club members from the last year. Anybody fancy coordinating the 2020 calendar?

Maybe. Must be an easier way to do it than your’s and Laura’s nightmare last time.

Send me photos and I’ll see if I can come up with the goods. The calendar may consist entirely of photos by @Ladislav though.

@Ladislav are you ok with that?

Sure :laughing:

How about I do a quick selection, upload some web-res stuff and then when you decide to include it, I can send you the full res version for print?

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I have a few photos, as I suspect others do too; where should they be uploaded to and what is the deadline?

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Have some from the new members - and the peaks bouldering to be edited…!

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I have some from the new members meet and AGM :blush:

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I’ve got a few photos I took of sunnier times DWSing over the summer, as Peter says I can send them if you let me know where to…

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Cool, thanks guys

Send them to me:

By the end of this week would be helpful. Then I can put the thing together next week, and we can do orders, via spreadsheet, when I’ve got a sense of what it will cost.

Yes please @Ladislav

Keep 'em coming people. Had some excellent contributions so far but still some way to go before there’s a full calendar’s worth…

Have sent you some “mountaineering” pics Paul…

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As I said Khalid, I think you meant to send those to the NLSC.

I’ll send you over some Scotland/Easter/Alps ones tomorrow morning!

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added my name! I’d love a calendar!

I tried to send you some pics but gmail wasn’t having it.

Thanks for organising!

The design is now complete - looking rather good, even if I do say so myself!