NLMC 2016 Calendars available

I will take all the remaining calendars to the Christmas Curry but there aren’t many left. To reserve your copy please either reply to this thread, promising on all you hold dear (your rack) that you will bring £10 cash on the night, or pay £10 on-line.

If you won’t be at the curry, but would like me to post you one, please pay £12 on-line. If you are a member then I already have your address.

Can I have 2 please, not sure if we will make the curry yet as flying to Canada next day so will transfer money to post them, £24…

I’d like one for us please.

I would also like one please. Thanks.

All calendars are now sold.

John and Khalid already have theirs. Ed H and Simon H (x2), I will bring yours to the Xmas Curry. Sara (x2), I will post yours early next week.

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