Newsletter Digital and Paper Archiving - Please Help!

In consultation with the committee, I’m going to try and produce both a digitised and paper archive for the newsletter, going back as far as possible.

The digital archive will live on the internet, the paper archive will live in the Cottage (for rainy day reading, as well as future club historians).

My plan at present is to use the fancy photocopier at my work to scan old issues, creating both a digital PDF and then printing a copy of each for paper storage.

However, I need some help in tracking down past issues. Does anybody happen to have kept their back copies? If so, would you mind lending them to me so that I can do the above? All copies will be looked after and returned to their owner once the archiving is complete.

Please let me know!


Great project! Sure has already been suggested to talk to Allen Bordoley and Bob Adams. There are a few very old newsletters in the Cottage.

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Will let Allen know. Dan

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Thanks. I saw Allen on Sunday at the Cottage - will send him an email about this later today.


i;ve got a full set going back to when I first joined\ with pdfs back to 2012. I;ll get in touch when I return from the Verdon.


Splendid, thanks David!

Great idea!

The newsletter category only goes back to 2003 for PDFs, but that includes those that were on the pre-2011 site.

Might be nice to do a compendium book with some ‘best of’ articles from over the years.

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Thanks Stephen, that’s useful to know!


Great idea. One day someone may want to write a book about the club, in which case I wish more people would write up their exploits in the logbook or they will think there was only a small handful of folk doing anything. I had a collection of newsletters going back to the late 1960s but I think I took them to the cottage.

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Logbook… we can digitise these too

I would love to see a book made. We need everyone’s NLMC story :grin:

Did you know that Mick Fowler, Kenton Cool and Steven Venables are among the club’s alumni?

I did!

Also some bloke called Richard Haszko who climbed some big things in Nepal or something.

I IOU’s rumour.

Would it be possible to put some slides and photos together, and have an NLMC Evening recapping some of the major NLMC ascents?

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Perhaps similar to the ‘How (not) To Die’ one David did fairly recently at the Palm Tree?

It’s cool that these people were part of NLMC and achieved big stuff but I’m definitely super interested in the other side of the people of the club and the founding of the club and more everyday adventures