New year's trip

Hi all, it’s my first new year’s with the club. A general question, does the club do anything over the new year’s period? Say, a trip to the hut.
Also, who do I bother if I wanted to get access to the hut/barn? Is there a nice on-line booking calendar or something like that?

Hi Greg, the barn bookings is dealt with by @robertpirouet and the info is online here Guest Barn - North London Mountaineering Club
The barn is already booked out for New Years but members can stay in the cottage of course. There are usually a good number of members who go for NYE :slight_smile:

I have briefly considered going to the hut for the new year if all my other plans collapse (which they might, unfortunately)

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3 New Year’s Day lake swimmers in Llyn Gwynant:
@mikedlr @jrtomlins and me.
@L_Pio on the all-important camera duty.

Blwyddyn newydd dda! :tada:


The only cold water I like is a splash in a single malt.


Easy for you to say