New Members Meet 18-19 September 2021

Hi Tilly, there’s certainly enough space, you’ll have to rely on a nice driver but Shrewsbury is en route out of Wales and has a Park’n’Ride service into the town I think.

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Will do.

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p.s. @Omar just seen you live in Chingford. I’m heading down early so can’t assist with getting you to Wales but likely makes sense for you to ride back with my as I live in Walthamstow.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it this weekend. Looks like there is an abundance of leaders anyway. Have fun everyone.

If anybody would like a lift from any of the following: Hemel Hempstead, Watford Junction, Stanmore, Radlett, Elstree & Borehamwood, or anywhere along the M1, M6, A5 route, do get in touch. 07814578869. I will be leaving from WD6 around 1730.

I can’t visit all those locations, of course, but each is plausible.

Those stations can be variously reached from St Pancras or Euston.

@Tilly_F do you still require the drop off? Should be fine for me, or for anybody going London-ish.

Thanks for the drop off offers, thankfully we managed to sort my partners trains last night so I’m back with the car, which helps my onward journey!

If it helps anyone to give a lift up (not back), I can pick up from Chingford/Loughton. Was planning on leaving friday lunchtime. Feel free to message 07962219840

I live in SE London, not Chingford (that’s tilly 2 lines above).
How early are you heading down? I have all of Friday off work so wouldn’t be against coming down early too.
As far as grades, haven’t climbed much this year (nor pushed myself hard) so playing around the 6A range but definitely not against pushing myself a little this weekend :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot I’m only free from noon Friday, @Geoffrey , may I join you in your car?

I’m afraid that I’m having to withdraw myself from this weekend’s trip. I’m gutted, but yesterday’s physio exercises upset it, so I just need to rest unfortunately. Will hopefully see you all soon, but I met yet need surgery… Have a fab weekend, the weather forecast looks great.

Sorry to hear this Peter, rest up and get yourself sorted out! Hope you enjoyed Lundy at least, where are the Lundy photos???

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Thanks. We do have a plan to pull together the best Lundy photos into a suitable repository…


Newsletter editor’s eyes light up on hearing about this Lundy photo repository… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

P.S. sorry to hear about your shoulder Peter, fingers crossed for a swift recovery (and hopefully no surgery).

Thanks Jess

Sorry to be missing you Peter! Hope the shoulder gets better soon.

I notice Paula d’Souza has added herself to the spreadsheet but will need belaying check before she can attend. Paula, I will be at the Castle this evening if you can be there?

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Has everyone who needs a lift secured a lift? If not - get messaging!

I checked Paula’s belaying at Westway today. Fine for sport stuff, best to be in a three for trad.


Just a note to say I’m on the road with an eta of 9.30-10pm. I haven’t been to the barn before but following Google maps to Bryn Brethynau Barn - hoping that gets me there!

We’ll be staying in the cottage above the barn (can be seen on Google satellite just to the north West. From the back of the car park go through the gate and up the hill until you reach the barn on your left, then keep going past the barn up the hill and you’ll reach the cottage. Grab a number off the spreadsheet if you got totally lost, signal’s not great but we can try!

Park at Bryn Glo parking and head up the track through the gate. First building is the Barn, further up the hill is the Cottage.