New Members Meet 18-19 September 2021

Odd that to boogie woogie in a night club you will soon need to have been double jabbed, but to sleep in a room with the same people you don’t have to.

Folk used to camp outside the hut, maybe concerned folk could do that to reduce risk?

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My read is that the CC is being extremely cautious and passing this off as “because insurance” in its communications, to make it sound like it is out of their hands when in fact it isn’t. If it really was an insurance issue at root, the BMC advice to clubs would not be what it is (and climbing gyms wouldn’t be open, and neither would youth hostels, etc etc).

Yep, camping space outside the Cottage is available for those concerned about sleeping indoors. I think @khalidqasrawi is camping, for example.

As a really old person but not a dinosaur (53), having dodged Paul s bullet at sennen in June when we had to isolate, despite having had both jabs and avoiding gathering s etc we are both now six days in to being ill and feel absolutely crap so would urge people to take the risks seriously regardless of the bmc, insurance, or government guidance, as although the illness phase may be temporary , the real concern now is medium to long term as well as the ability to do the 6b circuit at the wall over the next few months. The government seem to have abandoned us to our common sense and two jabs .

We had 200 deaths and 30,000 new cases yesterday.

Take care whatever you choose!

Hello all. Respectfully, this is not the thread to be discussing covid regulations and how we interpret them.

The club has taken on board the BMC advice, we will reassess this at the end of September, but for now this is what we are sticking to. We ask that members do what they feel is right for them.

You are welcome to start a separate thread if you want to continue discussions, but please can we no longer derail the New Members Meet thread.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Cool thanks! And who looks after membership these days? I seem to have lost the “NLMC Member” tag against my name (but I’ve always left the direct debit going…)

@Sarah_Rae is Membership secretary. She can check :slight_smile:

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Have put my name down! Delighted to find space still available.

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Just thinking about picking up food in the week, happy to do something for the veggie dinner on Saturday. Some sort of curry?

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Unfortunately, I may have to withdraw from this trip, as my shoulder flared-up last week. I’ll see how it goes over the next day or two.

@Sarah_Rae - if you’re keen to do curry, that would be awesome!

Mr Matt Grange will be along shortly (tomorrow, I think) to start firming up logistics.

@Peter hope you can make it! Surely VDiffs are still manageable even with the dodgy shoulder?! :grin:

Also, as I’m going to Kalymnos on the 21st, I’m massively focused on sport climbing at the moment. If anyone fancies being heretical, and doing sport instead of trad on Saturday and/or Sunday…

I’d be keen for some sport!

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Hello hello…back from Scotland but only as far as Sheffield.

Current facts and figures
14 attendees total (or 13 if Peter decides not to)
12 from London including Paul and myself
Only 10 spaces going to and from London including Paul and myself, although obviously plenty of transport around Wales itself with Khalid and possibly Tilly. So we really need another car going to and from London as North Wales is a tricky one by train.

3 vegetarians (so including Omar 4 won’t be eating bacon or sausages, and @Geoffrey can you bring your own bread perhaps?). @Sarah_Rae Vegetarian curry sounds excellent if wheat can be avoided?
Simple shopping job (eggs, bread, beans, sausages, halloumi, milk?) perhaps Paul and I can do it locally on Friday?

Hi Matt. I’d be keen to come along. John and Dominic witnessed my belaying last week, I just need to get membership sorted - have emailed I have a car in Highbury and happy to drive.

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Awesome @RolandP, that would solve the problem neatly. Please add yourself to the spreadsheet, link in the first post of this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK folks we should have enough transport now even if Peter sadly is not able to join in. The following drivers are offering lifts:

Che Gannarelli from Stanmore
Geoffrey Murray from SE27 (West Norwood)
Roland Phillips from Highbury

Please don’t hesitate to contact them via PM or phone to secure a ride.

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Great to have you along Roland! Just so everyone is clear: you can come on the new member’s meet even if you’re just a prospective member. Indeed, it’s an excellent way to get a feel of if you’d like to join the club.

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Splendid! We can plot to commit heresy together. Out of interest what kind of grades are you operating at? Helps with selecting venues…

Sorry for the delay in confirming my transport - Just wondering If based on numbers there would be space for me in a car if I don’t drive? And If so, if there are any willing drivers that would drop me at Shrewsbury (or any other train station) on the way back? Not sure if there are any stations that don’t require a detour?

Was meant to have the car but that was based on my partner getting to the Lake District by train with bike - which is proving unnecessarily difficult! So trying to think of alternative solutions!