New lockdown affecting North wales / club properties

Just seen this post from Elfyn, which will put the cottage out of bounds for visitors :frowning:

Sadly just been announced by Welsh Government that local lockdowns are to be imposed on the counties of Conwy, Denbighshire, Flint and Wrexham from 6pm on Thursday October 1st.
This effectively makes it an offence for any one to travel to or from any of these counties unless its for listed exempt activites such as for work, education or medical purposes. This will have a massive impact on access to both North Wales Limestone for climbing venues and for much of northern Snowdonia as the Ogwen Valley, Carneddau, the eastern side of the Glyderau, Moel Siabod, etc. are all within Conwy Council, while most of clwyd limestone is within Denbighshire. This effectively means that legally, for the purpose of recreation or holidays, that only residents of the county that these venues fall within, will be able to access these areas. 19
We’ll update the BMC website as soon as possible. 5
Elfyn Jones
BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)

I’m going for medical purposes. Recuperation after my accident.


Apparently ‘elite athletic training’ is also a valid reason to travel there.

What is the status of English cats in the Welsh lockdown?

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On the upside, Llanberis, The Pass & Tremadog are still open.
But also the stupidity on Snowdon can carry on

Ogwen valley is in Gwynedd, not Conwy so the mountains there are accessible. But one will have, in theory, have to go via the A55 to get there and not the A5. Best ask Boris for clarity on this.

In going on holiday in Powys, 150m from the Shropshire border. If the Covid rangers come I’ll put a toe into England and exercise some regulatory arbitrage.

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If we’re not all in lockdown again. In which case the virus will wait until we come out of lockdown and strike again. It isn’t going to go away. Research from America suggests it has adapted to social distancing by becoming more contagious. It more dangerous, just so it can spread more easily. Clever buggers these things.

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According to Google maps, the boundary crosses just northwest of Llyn Ogwyn & heads up to Glyder Fawr then down the Glywders before crossing the Capel rd just short of the Pen Y Gwryd, so Ogwen valley is out of bounds really

Unfortunately I have to agree. I shall go to the Pass, Cwm Glas Mawr CC hut.

1 Like is a useful map though it doesn’t show pending restrictions like the North Wales ones coming into affect at 18:00.

I like how they specify that restrictions relate to Illegal raves. Now to see if I can find a legal rave that doesn’t breach the rule of six. :thinking:

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North Wales not quite out of bounds but difficult to get somewhere to stay. CC huts now all shut too.

Theres a decent free party scene in North Wales.

On the plus side, Trump is in hospital and hasn’t Tweeted for 17 hours so perhaps the virus isn’t all bad.

Quite so.

@PaulSagar - It will be a bit of a shit show either way tbh.

He dies and becomes “trump the Chinese virus martyr” to his followers and then Pence is sworn in.

He survives and we never hear the end of it “I had the virus, it was amazing, the best virus ever” or something and then claims everyone else is weak :roll_eyes:


I’m going for option 3: he gets severely incapacitated but doesn’t die, loses the election, is too sick to try and cling to office, gets booted out, then all the debt collectors and the IRS come for him and he is exposed as a ruined fraud and THEN he dies.