New Bin Guidelines for Club Cottage

We’ve had recent issues with our bin at the gate overflowing, and rubbish bags being left next to it. This is partly due to collections now being monthly. As a result, we are now asking all members to take all their rubbish away with them.

A new ‘wet bin’ will be provided at the Cottage for tea bags, food waste, and anything smelly and gunky, so that this can be kept separate from ‘dry rubbish’. It then needs to be double-bagged and taken away.

Paper and cardboard should be taken for recycling, or burnt before you leave. Do not leave paper or cardboard next to the fire, for obvious reasons!

All recycling should be taken away. There are paper, glass, cans and plastic recycling banks at Tyn-y-Coed and the Betws-y-Coed Station Road car park.

If you see the bin by the gate is overflowing, please see if you can take some rubbish away, or at least compact the rubbish down. We have asked all Barn guests to recycle and take rubbish where possible.


And could the two members who left their recycling at the Cottage before the Working Meet please do some extra cleaning as pennance next time they are up

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There was a pile of recycling there when we arrived this weekend also

Lazy and utterly selfish.

Can you send the names of the last people to stay to committee?
If people want to stay at a serviced bunkhouse then they should go and do that. And pay accordingly.