Motivated training partner needed – climbing at the Castle!

Hello everyone!
I really need a super motivated and reliable (!) climbing partner for the approaching winter months. I can’t leave the UK from Nov till April 2018 so may have to spend some time at the Castle… I want to keep climbing fun, so if I have to climb indoors, I’d rather it was sort of a game with some training involved :slight_smile: Climbing one-handed or blindfolded? (maybe not on lead!) Making up routes, trying moves that are not your style, etc. Is anyone as bored as I am climbing indoors? Can we motivate each other?

Ideally we’d be climbing around the same grades (6c/7a+ onsight, depending on terrain) but with different strengths and weaknesses, i.e. I’m better on slabs & verticals or doing static moves than I am on overhangs or moving dynamically.

I can often climb earlier in the afternoon rather than late in the eve, hardly have any important commitments and I’m keen to climb as often as possible!

If anyone is interested (or knows someone who is), let me know :grin:


Hey all, I can’t seem to be able to post a new topic anymore (do I need to do something special?), so I’ll just reply to this old post of mine. it’s been a looooong while but I’m going to start climbing at the Castle again from around the end of September, so if anyone is up for an occasional leading/Forge session, let me know. Ignore the previous “games” ideas, I’ve grown up a bit so just climbing is fine… My average grade is a bit higher and I can now just about handle overhangs. Also hopefully the club will take me back in as a member so I’ll be up for more outdoor trips!

Welcome back Tutu :grin:

(I think we had a bit of a ‘clean up’ of lapsed membership permissions so your thread posting rights have probably been revoked)

Thanks Matt! I see about the permissions, hopefully I could get them back one day :pleading_face: I actually wanted to post a topic to see if anyone wants a lift to North Wales this weekend (and if it’s a good idea to go to the hut on a bank holiday weekend, or is it going to be full?) Another NLMC member and I wanted to head up there but neither of us can post on the forum…

I’ll PM you about that

Hello Tutu! I’m guessing Sam is the NLMC member? If so, just remember you still need to pay guest fees even if he doesn’t :rofl:

Jess and I are planning to be up this weekend. I think Khalid might be around too, though not sure. I expect the Hut may well have a fair few guests, but we usually sleep in the van in the carpark nowadays and just go up to cook and shower etc. So that’s a bit more room than there might otherwise be.

Hey Paul, I re-joined the club so shouldn’t need to pay the fees :wink: And yes Sam is driving. We’ll see you there!

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Hello, I need a motivated training partner for the castle :smiley:
Would anyone want to climb tomorrow ?

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