Mostly Harmless: sci-fi & fantasy quiz: 22nd August


I’ve made up a team of 8 to attend the Mostly Harmless: sci-fi & fantasy quiz on 22nd August in Shoreditch: see or . It would be great if another NLMC team could come too.

It’s cheaper to buy a team ticket for £84.49 instead of individual tickets at £10.99.


We also have two spare tickets which we can bring on the night if anyone
wants them (£10 each)

Hi all,
that sounds fun!

I would love to join if a team has some spare space (I love scifi but am
not myself from outer space nor have much fantasy) or if anyone wants to
set up a new NLMC group :wink:



At last …a quiz I might have a chance at! I’d love to come too! :smiley: Not on Facebook though so can you send me the details! Thanx

The second link I included is not on Facebook and has the same details. It would be great if you can come.

Awesome. More calling orson…come in orson?..Nanoo nanoo. What’s up buck!? BOOM! Count me in!

Cool, that makes two more of us :wink:

Who else wants to join?


I’m also bringing another group of climbers, so I’ll see everyone there! Looking forward to catching up with everyone (particularly those who have come back from Canada)…

By the way, there are rumours that I might know a few things about the quiz…

Here’s the official info:

All I can say is that the prizes listed on the page…

“Prizes on offer include; limited edition prints from the new illustrated edition of the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which have been donated by Bloomsbury Publishing, signed books from Orbit Books. Other prizes from Orion Publishing Group and

… are just the start :wink: You might want to consider grabbing your spacesuit/dragonsuit to wear on the day…

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Here’s a photo of the trophy that NLT have recently tweeted. Good luck Team NLMC!

Its a beaut!

I’ll be following Manchi (as always). I suspect I’m mostly going to be there as a supporter as I’m pretty certain my limited knowledge won’t be much help. I’m good cheer though :slight_smile: