Moroccan adventures

I’ve been continuing the Nlmc 's long association with climbing and new routing in Morocco. It is a serious place as there is no rescue service, but is absolutely amazing.

I’ve been having a good year for climbing, and this was another great trip. Logistics are surprisingly easy as are the roads for driving. There are good guide books, all grades, and single pitch roadside climbing if required.

At least 3 hours early for the plane is essential though.



Hey Liz, this is super - any chance we can use a version of this for the spring newsletter? Would be great to get an official club record of it, as well as one sent out to all members (inc. those who inexplicably don’t use chat).

Hi Paul- of course! Glad you liked it! Been a good year for climbing for me, with lots of fab trips (Fairhead, Spain and other), volunteering for climbing, and a bit of hard headpointing which I’m super pleased to have acheived, but this trip was the high light so far I think, but feel free to use any content from the site!

Fantastic, thanks!