Mile End Wednesday Night Meets

Great, thanks for the heads up! Me and a couple of buddies of mine will be there from 6:45

I will be there by 7pm, wearing a boulderhaus heidelberg t-shirt.

hello, I am new here. Wondering if there was a social this Wednesday at Mile End?

Hi, Mark and I should be there. I will be there about 7pm.

Ok i am around and will be with a. Friend. How do I recognise you :-)?

Sam & I are going to to new members meet, are any current members likely to be around in the next couple of weeks to confirm our belay safety? It would also be nice to meet some from the club that go to Mile End, we are there most weeks so may already know some faces.

Hi Chantelle, I should be at ME this week from about 7:30. Happy to bring my harness for a quick climb and safety check etc. if you have a rope with you?

Normally a few of us are there most Wed, sure you will have seen Max around, unfortunately JT and Sarah are away I believe.

If you don’t spot me or anyone else, then normally the staff are fine for a quick NLMC shout out over the Tannoy :+1:

Hi Mark,
Brill! Thank you :slight_smile: Will bring a rope, we will probably already be in the rope bay, usually get there around 6.30. Look forward to meeting you.


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Hi, work has been a bit crazy today. So likely closer to 8:00 now :frowning:

I’ll still be around if you still dont mind :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’ve just joined the chat and am a new member. I’m planning to join this evening at mile end for a boulder. Is anyone else going this evening? :slight_smile: Beth

I’ve also just joined and will be coming along tonight. Will look for anyone in a red NLMC t-shirt, but will be wearing a black T-shirt and green shorts myself.


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Hi Alex, that’s great, will look out for you. I’ll be wearing green trousers if that helps!

Only joined a month ago but I’ll be in the rope bay , in purple trousers :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, I’ve just joined here and im thinking of going bouldering tomos evening at mile end. Don’t suppose anyone is gonna be about then?

Group of us will be heading there tomorrow.

Hey, sorry I couldn’t make then, but would love to come along next time you go!

@JamieH some of us are here tonight if it isn’t too late.

Sorry, was a little late notice for me. You guys wanna go next week tho?

@Mark_W might be there next week? I’ll be there the week after next on the 16th I expect. See you then?