Mike is a crime fighting Superhero

And that’s a fact.

Thanks dude


Sounds like I left before the fun stuff happened? It was a good night though, but you have made me a bit curious now!

Just the usual stuff, taking down bad guys and rescuing babies from burning buildings. I just thought the club ought to know he’s got secret powers.

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The vision of a hawk. The reflexes of a cat. The speed of a gazelle. The ruthlessness of a crocodile.

All these qualities, and more.

A hero of the NLMC.


Please draw this creature. It sounds magnificent.

Absolutely no worries @Max_A. I’m glad you got your stuff back and you are really welcome. I guess we have to write this up for the newsletter? It’ll go alongside my Leicester expedition or something.

Nerves of steel
Heart of gold

Alabaster feet and a knob of butter