Meets for the rest of the year

Hi everyone,

While I struggle to put these up on the website, I just wanted to flag the meets we are proposing to organise for the remainder of the year:

16-17 July - Yorkshire meet - organised by Matt

31 July/1Aug - Lakes meet - organised by Guy

13-14 Aug - Devon - VOLUNTEER NEEDED!

August bank holiday - Pembroke Meet - Khalid

17-18 Sep - New members - Holly

1-2 Oct - Working meet - John W

We’re also trying to sort a Wye Valley meet in the autumn but need to find dates suitable for the President…


Hey guy,

If I’m honest, I’m loathe to volunteer myself for organising the car share and travel faff associated with it, but if people were to find their way to Portland on the 11/12 September I am happy to have a go at playing tour guide for anyone wanting to check out the dws.

Not really quite a meet, but maybe a proto-meet?


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That sounds great thanks Andy. If you were able to just create a forum topic and say people can come down to Portland for some DWS that weekend and sort themselves out that would be great.


For any club members that are interested, quite a group of us are staying at Millcombe House on Lundy 4-11 September.

There is a slim possibility of a space coming free in the house with us. Otherwise, there is still camping available too. So if you fancy a week away from it all, climbing granite, come to Lundy.

Ok, no problem - I’ll try to set something up.