MCSA reciprocal arrangements

Hello everyone. Where can I find details of the reciprocal arrangement with MCSA, and how would I go about using it? I can’t find anything on the forums or website - sorry if I’ve missed it, but it might be good to post the details somewhere.

I’ve emailed you a copy I have. I agree it should be on the website.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody has yet availed themselves of the opportunity to stay in any of the MCSA huts so you are sailing into uncharted waters.

The agreement says:
“Because of the federal nature of the MCSA, a visiting NLMC member is required to contact the Central Committee Secretary who will pass him/her on to the most appropriate host(s) of the Section(s) he or she wishes to visit.”

I think you need to email Jenny Paterson: secretary (at)

Good luck

What’s happening about our reciprocal rights agreement with the Mountain Club of Malawi?