May bank Holiday 27-29

Hi y’all. Anyone thinking of climbing over the bank holiday? Would love to head up to the cottage if I can cadge a lift! Martin

Me, Matt and Nick have tentatively agreed on a trip. Destination to be decided based on weather. Welcome to join us

Hi Martin, oddly hadn’t thought about the hut! History of rain on many past Snowdonia trips means I still don’t immediately envisage dry rock climbing there!

But I’m definitely free all BH weekend for climbing.

Happy to drive but may need to figure out a pickup point for you at a train station out my way if heading to Wales.

Happy with other venues/camping depending on weather forecast.

I see Lada has also replied so if you’ve already made a four let me know and I’ll figure something else out or see who else chimes in on this thread.

I’m up for some climbing somewhere.

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Brilliant guys! Sorry for the late answer…did the hackney half yesterday. I’ll be at the wall tonight. Lets have a chat. dare i say it the weather in north wales is looking good! :crossed_fingers::grin:
But would be up for another venue too!

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Nice one, keep us posted as I won’t be at the wall :smiley: - Random Meets WhatsApp group or my number for a new group is 07860553984. Cheers!

Martin and I heading up 6pm on Friday. I’m driving and collecting him from Tring station (Euston national rail line) if anyone else needs a lift I could take 1 or 2 more.

Peter - Martin said you were going with JT, let me know if that changes should you need a lift.

Fingers crossed weather stays good!

whoever gets there first can you bagsy some sleeping spots! :wink:

Adam, yes John and I are driving up separately Fri eve; see you there!

Hi guys! I’d love to join you but I feel like I’ve fallen out of shape :unamused: and I wouldn’t want to hold anyone back to explote fun and difficult routes. On the other hand I may come for good vibes and bbq( kebab on skews). I can always find things to do in wales​:smiling_face:

@Roman mate come along! in all honesty there may not be a climbing partner but definitely be super great to see you! you never know who is gonna be up there.

Half of us are either broken or recovering from being sick (in my case), so I’d not worry about climbing hard too much :wink:

Hi guys! I’m on my way, but I’ll stop at Colwyn bay for the afternoon, try to cast my fishing rod for the first time :crossed_fingers::smiling_face:
Last night I was defeated by trafic after standing for 3 hours not moving an inch…

What time are you planning to be back at the cottage?

That’s why I never try to go to Wales on a Bank Holiday. Good luck getting somewhere to park. “Our “ lay-by is often now totally full. Hoping to get to see some 300mph Top Fuel action at Santa Pod tomorrow.

Heading down from Scotland today. We were thinking of climbing in the lakes, however forgot it was a BH. Now heading to north wales as hopefully less busy? We will sleep in the van but come to the hut, assuming there is room? Can meet for a beer later if anyone fancies it?


top notch weekend, top notch ice cream!!


A few from last weekend. Amazing weather, delicious BBQ, some desperate parking (white car grounded at Cromlech Boulders), and a very tame robin at Clogwen Cyrau.

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Great photos! Can I share to the club insta page?
If so, what are the routes & locations?

Holly!!! Xxxxx I miss you


Happy for mine to be shared. Those of Martin and I are on Glyder Fach North Face overlooking Idwal and Anglesey - either Lots Wife/Left-Hand Crack or Direct Route top out.

I think Peter is on top of Bombers Wall Route 1 at Clogwen Cyrau.

The white car is on a grade 1 down scramble at Clromlech Boulders! Martin and I were on Cromlech - Dives/Sabre Cut at the time.