Maths Tutoring and Online work

Hi all

As some of you will know I’m planning on quitting my job and travelling around Europe.

To help this along I’m trying to find some work I can do while on the move to keep a bit of cash flowing in. I’ve got a master’s degree in maths and have been tutoring on and off for the past 10 years so that’s what I’m hoping to get more involved in, but I need to find students!

Do any of you know of anyone who might be in need of a friendly maths tutor? :slight_smile:

Also, does anyone have experience with working while on the move? Any good sites/tips/tricks greatly appreciated.


Hi Tom - I’m not aware of anyone who may need a maths tutor but I recall coming across a few freelance job websites some time ago, or something like that was one of them, but there are a few out there. Not used them myself but I’m sure they had some maths related postings amongst others.
Good luck!