Maintenance tasks for the Barn and Cottage

While it’s fresh in my mind, I spotted a few things in the barn that could be looked at at the next working meet. Thought I’d put them up here and encourage others to post regarding tasks for the Barn and Cottage.


  • Extractor fan in bathroom is very rattly and noisy. Gave it a good bang but really it needs replacing.
  • The door into the downstairs bedroom is catching at the bottom and not closing properly. Needs planing.
  • the Barn door has a 2 inch gap, case for a draft excluder?
  • The cooking implements are limited compared to the cottage. Eg. Not many pots and pans, few glasses. Could redistribute the surplus from the cottage or buy new as appropriate.
  • A couple of posters of the mountains wouldn’t go amiss.
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Thanks Max! The Cottage door has a similar draft problem- but the floor slopes upwards, so we would need one of the retracting draft excluders there.

Thanks Max, all noted.

For those that don’t know yet, I volunteered to be hut secretary/warden at the AGM. I’ve got rather a lot of stuff to get a grip on, but am hoping to get my head around the role as soon as possible and am meeting Naomi for an initial briefing. First thing though is to thank George W for all his hard work over the years getting the cottage and barn into such good shape.

I’d hope we could use this forum (and the newsletter) to flag up any issues or problems, organise working meets and thank everyone who does work to help keep the huts in good shape. Until we work out a proper structure for all this, please just post on here, and if anyone has any other ideas, let me know,

Thanks for volunteering Chiz. Good luck with the role.

Looking forward to your newsletter updates, Chiz.


Manchi, let me know the deadline for copy and I’ll sort something…

I’ll be going up to the cottage on Friday 11th December for the weekend to stock up the cottage, get my head around where everything is, and check through the current lists of outstanding jobs and see what can be ticked off. If anyone has any other issues that need looking at, then let me know and I’ll add them to the list,

No reports of anything amiss at the Barn from users, been some big uni groups recently and they are less fussy, can you check the mop in the barn? was complained about a while ago but not since so possibly already sortedSara

Thankyou, I’ll check the mop situation and address as needed. If you do get any feedback from users please pass it straight on to me and I will try and deal with it,

thanks for volunteering, you’re a legend.

I put a spare mop head into the manky one in the Barn at the agm. Aurelio had a go at attaching, no idea how he did it without tools, and while he’s a resourceful guy it may be worth checking it is fixed on properly.

Also noticed the shower I the Barn wasnt draining well. Hard to see how it wouldn’t flood if used a few times in a row so some industrial sink unblocked and a plunger may be called for.

ok, will add to list…cheers

Of course the fact that I will be heading up to work on the buildings will mean that there are blue skies and dry rock that weekend…

18 December please.

ok! I will try and write something once I have done the first visit…