Lundy - Millcombe House - 2-Sep-2023 to 9-Sep-2023

I have a limited number of spaces for Millcombe House. Lundy is a climbers paradise island, located a couple of hours (by sea) from Ilfracombe. With no roads, a pub, a shop and a church and 3 miles of granite sea cliffs, it offers a genuine climb, eat sleep repeat experience.

Note: this is not a club trip, but as in previous years, I am now offering some spaces to members and their friends. If you’d like to come or have questions, please reply to this thread or contact me directly.

Current plan
2-Sep-2021 to 9-Sep-2021
Millcombe House, Lundy
Accommodation cost: £272 per person assuming the house is filled
Sailing on HMS Oldenburg. £89 return unless the weather requires a helicopter (rare)

The Climbing
This is a full on granite experience, a supersized Cornwall cliff. Routes are at all grades, mostly requiring an abseil approach of up to 100m. You need a spirit of adventure, some rope skills and plenty of cams and wires: there are no bolts here! If you want to come and are unsure of your skills, please contact me.
UKC logbook
Climbers Club guidebook

Staying at Millcombe House and on Lundy
Millcombe House is run by the Landmark Trust. “Built in plain classical style in 1835 for the Heaven family, Millcombe House looks down a wooded valley and out to sea. Possibly the most elegant building on the island, it was built of stuccoed granite. Millcombe is a pleasing and sociable house, planned around a central hall on the ground floor and a central staircase above.”

Most people will opt to stay overnight (Friday 1-Sep) in or near Ilfracombe so that we can be at the ferry at 9am on the Saturday. You’ll want your climbing kit on board and the rest of your stuff in a holdall which goes in the ship hold and is delivered direct to the Millcombe House during the day. We climb both Saturdays usually somewhere near to the dock e.g. Landing Craft Bay.

Each day a randomly selected pair is responsible for the evening meal. There is a small shop on the Island with some unusual opening hours. Somehow it manages to stock pretty much everything that we need.

Otherwise, the routine is pretty simple, climb, eat, sleep! There’s nothing else to do there (pub maybe). Later we can do a google doc to organise who is taking what gear. If you are feeling at all rusty, please do refresh your ropework skills this summer, especially ascending a rope. It’s not rare to drop down the abseil rope in the wrong place!

Gratuitous photos borrowed from Rockfax and UKC:

Devil’s Slide

Dark Power

Double Diamond

Controlled Burning

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I’d be very happy to go

Nice one. I’ll get in touch.

How many spaces do you have left? Just started looking into a trip to Lundy with a few friends

I would absolutely LOVE to do this trip! Sadly not going to be possible for me this year.

Next time…

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There are at least 4 spaces but I have had a lot of interest. I hope to firm things up over the weekend and early next week. Otherwise there are only spaces on the campsite for that week. Lets keep it open. In the meantime, please send me (private message) some details about yourself i.e. experience / how long you have been a club member etc.

Would love to but sadly no annual leave left. Maybe next time

As mentioned to various folk I have booked the Barn on Lundy for 26 Sept - 1 Oct 2024. It’s not as swish as Millcombe House but good value. Hoping that works for a club trip otherwise I will have to take a good book.

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