Long weekend at Cottage 18-21st August

Hi, I’ll be up at the cottage doing Hut Warden stuff next weekend. Anyone about who fancies a climb or a few scrambles in between jobs? I’m probably heading up the Thursday mid day, but from Gloucestershire.

The Daily Express says it will be scorchio…

Hi Chiz.
Been thinking about the gas rings in the kitchen. It’s awfully easy to
leave one or two on when cleaning the surfaces. In every other hut I’ve
been in the gas is turned off when folk leave. Should we consider having a
tap either inside or outside?

Hi Richard,
thanks for that. Anyone have any thoughts? I know it does happen, but has it ever caused an actual problem?

We’ve just had the gas hoses and the pipe through the wall replaced, but we could look into adding a cut-off valve under the hobs, with a sign above. We could of course simply turn the taps off on the bottles outside, but when you’ve just walked up the track in the rain…

We’ve spent a lot this year, what with the barn burner replacement and other unforeseen costs, but next year we will hopefully be able to look at the oven situation up at the cottage which may be the time to look at this idea in more detail, thanks for raising it,


PS will take new stock of hoover bags down next week