List of 2020 NLMC trips & events

Not an exhaustive list, but useful as a reference point:

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Hi Manchi.

I believe the club intends to have the dinner meet in Wales every two years. That being so the Tyn y Coed needs to be booked ASAP as a lot of clubs use it. That really means it needs to be booked now rather 5han leaving it any later.



@jrtomlins better pick up the phone then

Thanks for the nudge, Richard.

I called recently to ask about booking for 2021, and someone was meant to get back to me but didn’t… I’ll call again tomorrow.

If I get someone, what weekend do we want? 6/7 November?

6/7 probably not good because several folk might want to be at bonfire night events that weekend. End of October probably better.


In fact the weekend 24/25 October might be best as it’s not Halloween and 5he clocks go back so an extra hour in bed. It always used to be that weekend.


I am in favour of extra hours in bed