Lightweight / Alpine Waterproof Jackets

Can anyone here speak to the Rab Kinetic Alpine Jacket - a stretchy softshell with allegedly hardshell performance - versus a goretex paclite alternative eg Mountain Equipment Garwhal

…light and highly packable being the objective. Just seen the Rab in shop but very unfamiliar with that fabric

Thanks G

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Judging by the reviews the Rab would be a more useful jacket generally. Paclites are relatively fragile and won’t take the abuse as well, nor will they serve much for climbing in ‘challenging’ conditions.

Thanks. I dealt on the paclite for high compact / low rain probability on a good deal but tried that Rab on and was very snug indeed

I have the non-alpine kinetic and take it instead of a raincoat unless the forecast is buckets all day (in which case I go to the pub).
Really breathable, packs small and does a good job keeping dry most of the time - if it’s really wet it sometimes gets little damp spots where it’s pressed under a rucksack.

Thanks - sounds like a goodie