Leonidio in November


will be going to Leonidio for a couple weeks in November with a few friends. We are an odd number though, so have a spot if anyone’s interested, climbing with myself.

Plan is:

  • 2-3 weeks in November
  • rent a car in Athens, drive to Leonidio
  • rent a big house in Leonidio, with good wifi
  • mix sport climbing and work from home to make it feasible on holiday allowances

The situation in Greece is way better than the UK, and so far, arrivals from the UK are without any special limits.

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Hi, have you already gone? How is the situation?

So, there’s a national lockdown in Greece now, where you can’t leave your house unless you have one of several reasons, need to have a paper with the reason, non-essential shops are closed and people can’t travel between regions.

In practice though, it’s super chill in Leonidio. Everyone goes climbing as usual, you just write your name on a piece of paper in the morning. Didn’t see police for the whole week or so we’ve been there.

Food shops are open and restaurants can do takeaway, but not dining out. Compared to sitting at home in rainy London, it’s amazing.

Not sure how easy it is to get here at this point though. At the very least, you need a negative test to fly to Greece and travel between regions (e.g. Athens > Leonidio) could be problematic.

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Yeap, I know. My friends are there right now. They travelled on the day before the lockdown. We were odd number as well so I didn’t go. Shame I hadn’t seen your msg earlier. If you see my friends tell them hi. You will recognise them quite easily. She has a plastic-boot ;]