Lauterbrunnen Hiking Trails Advice

I decided to shorten a summer holiday by booking a quick, cheap trip to Lauterbrunnen, end of July. I’ll be on my own, so hiking. Ideally all day every day. Got 4 nights staying in the valley.

Has anyone got any good tips/must-see routes? I’m planning on getting to Grindelwald one day, and would like to see a couple of waterfalls up close.


Hey Lottie,
I went to Lauterbrunnen at the beginning of July last year for two days. It was spectacularly beautiful but very expensive since I mainly had to use the cable cars to get around. I highly recommend doing the Via Ferrata hike. You can rent the via ferrata gear (helmet, gloves, harness and via ferrata lanyard at a sports rental store there, you can rent fewer things if you already have the equipment with you). The route is mainly descending, so it is quite easy and you get spectacular views of the valley from the cliff side. I also did the Mountain View hike which is a half day hike, you could extend the hike by taking a different route down. I think all the hotels in the valley will have comprehensive maps with hiking trails. I also went to see Trummelbach Falls, which was pleasant. I also did a quick hike up to the back of Staubbach Falls, which was basically following some stairs up the side of the mountain. Lastly, I also went paragliding. The views of the valley were so beautiful from the sky. We had very cloudy weather and it created really interesting wind/air flow and we stayed in the air for a really long time. I went with Airtime Paragliding. Overall, I would say the paragliding, via ferrata, and Mountain View hike were the highlight for me. I would have done more hikes if I had more time. The waterfalls were alright. I was there with a friend, but all these activities could be done solo as well. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s amazing! Thank you! :smile:

Didn’t know they had via ferrata there, so deffo going to check that out! I’ve seen a couple of amazing all-day hikes too, but hard to choose the routes. Good to hear about the Mountain View Hike - it’s a route I’ve been looking at, and seems it gets amazing views of Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. So good to know you enjoyed it! Are the cable cars at all avoidable?