Lakes 18-20 May

I’m in Edinburgh on the 17th May and plan to drive back to Stroud via the Lakes. If anyone is up that way or fancies meeting up give me a shout. Will be in the van, can pick up from station (Oxenholme Lake District is under 3 hours from Euston).

Intending to get some long mountain days enchaining scrambles and generally getting fitter for Skye the next weekend, probably Langdale to start staying on East/Central side of Lakes. Also up for easier long mountain routes as part of a long day, maybe a day of cragging too, but mostly after mileage.

Sadly can’t make that.
Hope you have fun, but don’t go getting so fit that I can’t keep up on Skye :wink:

as if! :slight_smile:

Parked at foot of Hardknott Pass. Up Hardknott Gill, onto Border End and up and over Hardknott. Dropped down to the pools by the Esk and Lingcove for a quick swim then up the Esk Gorge, scrambling above the water and occasionally wading through cool pools to climb beside waterfalls.
Broke out onto the flat and wandered over to Cam Spout waterfall. Bit too wet to do main pitch, but the rest was very good.
Slogged up southwest crags of Scafell to meet the hordes…ran past them over Broad Crag, Ill Crag, Great End and down to Esk Hause for a well earned power-nap.
Fatigue had set in but up and over Esk Pike, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags before going off the end of Little Stand and straight down to Cockley Beck, the van, and some water.

Very nice!
Last time I was in Moasdale it was clagged in and chucking it down…

Anyway, hopefully the good weather will last into next week :crossed_fingers:

and beyond!