Lake District - Easter meet

Hi All, time for a last minute one on the Easter Lakes meet ive heard so much about!

The plan is to make the most of the easter weekend, arriving late on Thursday 14th or after a day of climbing on the 15th (I’m yet to hear back on the late arrivals policy!).

Camping is £10pppn here:
Situated in the seathwaite valley, a walk up to Dow crag or a 40min drive over to the Langdale valley, plus many smaller crags.

If you’d like to attend then please put your name down here NLMC lakes Easter 22 - Google Sheets
Note if you put your name down I will consider that a firm commitment (I’l have to put money down in advance!).

As soon as I have 4 or 5 names (with ability to transport) I’ll make the booking, any additional after that point can book on whete availability allows, so sign up asap!

Happy climbing y’all!

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As a heads up for any lurkers, this mert is now going to be in Cornwall. Whod have expected rhe lakes to be so popular over easter? :roll_eyes: We’re staying at Tower Parks camping & caravan park. Drop me a message if youre in the area and come say hi!

:disappointed: very, very sad

But you guys have awesome trip to Cornwall! :muscle: