Kind of goodbye, and does anybody need a bicycle?

Hey people,

I will be moving out of London next week. So sad that I couldn’t say goodbye to most of you. But fear not, I will stay part of the club at least for this year, and who knows maybe there will be meets this year again, which I will definitely be up for.

Gladly I am not moving that far. To Manchester to be exact which is a nice starting point for Wales or the peak. And since the housing prices are slightly less ridiculous I can afford more than my London prison cell. Which means there is place for guests which will be able to sleep on a nice air mattress :smiley: Just contact me on the forum if you need a place to stay

On another note: I still need to get rid of my bicycle in London
It’s not pretty but it rides nicely. And for members I’d make it 80 Pounds

Happy new year everybody


i dont need a bike, but wish you the best for your move to Manchester. Meant to be a great place to be based for a climber.


Dammit now I need another leading partner… :roll_eyes:

Have a great time in Manchester, Chris!

Best of luck with the move mate, hopefully there’ll be some climbing trips next year!

@ChrisLend - Good luck with the move! Hopefully see you on some club meets as well when they are back up and running.

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Delayed reaction - all the very best for the move I’m sure we’ll all reconnect in the not too distant future

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