Kendal Mountain Festival


I’m just arranging accommodation (& film tickets) for two climbing buddies and myself - would anyone on here also be interested in joining for the festival? It’s on from 17-20 November - probably going up Thursday night/Friday morning.

Going to see if there’s a convenient AirBnb option depending on numbers - get in touch if interested!

  • Andrew

Hi there. I’m very new to the club and all this but am hoping to go up to Kendal this year, how is your planning going? Sam

Hi Sam, there’s 5 of us so far, and accommodation in booking out - how many of there are you? Will hopefully be booking in the next hour/today.

Hi Andrew
Oops, I just saw this now. Somehow my notifications weren’t turned on… bugger. I’m guessing you’ve got this all done and dusted? Its actually just me thats interested but I will see about sorting some accommodation and may see you all there, although I’m hoping to meet some people in the not-too-distant future by actually attending some meet ups :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I am planning to go too and have booked accommodation in the
town. However, I will be travelling up from Enfield on Fri eve, returning
Sun eve - happy to give lifts - would be great to meet up once there.

Hi Sam, I’m afraid we’ve booked - don’t leave booking too long however - the reasonably priced places in town look to all be booked out! However, there’s a bunch of separate groups from the club, so I’ll try and get everyone to meet up throughout. Could even work something out lifts wise (closer to the time)

Thanks Andrew. Last year I camped which was a little epic in the freezing cold and gale force winds… I haven’t booked yet because I didn’t want to go on my own, but will look into it now as I will potentially know some people by then :slight_smile:
Lifts could be a good thing but definitely can be left for later…

Me and Matt Hobby are going too! If anyone wants to meet up with us and
some friends for films and beers then you can let us know on here :slight_smile:

Right, I have tickets and so will definitely be going, would be great to meet up with you folk for a pint or similar whilst there. possibly also for transort sharing but I don’t yet know what my plans are…

Just a quick reminder - if you’re heading up and fancy joining for climbing/drinks Thursday through Sunday, just shout

Is anyone going to the films on Friday evening - I was considering going to
the local climbing wall if anyone is up for it?

I am travelling up Fri eve from Enfield / Oakwood and can give lifts; am definitely up for meeting up whilst there, especially Saturday eve.

Hi Joanne, I’m in the Julbo evening session till 10:30pm on Friday night (with 3 others) - not sure if that’s the films you’re referring to? Having said that, have booked proper all day Sunday film passes also. Feel free to drop me a text/call on 07540981988 - indoor climbing on Saturday around midday is an option for my lot (we’ve booked sessions incl the eve party for the rest of the day).

Hey all. I’ll be up there from tomorrow. I have all day film passes for Friday to Sunday and tickets for the Santa Cruz mountain bike thing on Saturday 7.30pm (including a spare if anyone fancies it?). Would love to meet up with anyone who’s up for a beer and a chat, especially as I’ve managed to miss every single meet up since I joined… I also will be taking boots up as I find stretching my legs a good thing after sitting still so much.
My number is 07817641002 if anyone want to get in touch :slight_smile:

Hi Sam

I’ll be there too on and off. My number is 07768794016. It would be nice to meet up for a beer. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

I’ve not been climbing of recent as I had some ankle surgery; but I am in Kendal for the KMFF this weekend and would love to catch any NLMC members. I’m also speaking on Sunday morning at the open water swimming session and have some fine art prints on sale too.

If anyone fancies a cold water swim on Saturday morning, there is a group of us from the Serpentine Swim Club taking a dip (just in case you are keen), please give me a shout.

If I don’t catch you there, have a wicked weekend.

Contact number is 07980884598



Hey all, shortly heading out for dinner as places fill up fast, so will post where we’re eating when we’ve found a table - come along if you’re about - or message where you’re currently at for dinner and we’ll join!

We’ve had to settle for a curry at Mumbai, and then off to the Julio session from 7:30-10:30pm, so let us know if you’re out at drinks then and we’ll come over

You are all making me very jealous! I am way behind with my work and it looks like I wo’;t even be leaving home until very late. Grrrr…

Currently at the local climbing wall - will be heading to the pub for drinks at 6:30