Kalymnos climbing trips

Any interest in a sports climbing trip to kalymnos? Looking at 12 October ish.

Usual to fly to Kos and get the ferry. Accomodation depends on numbers but I could possibly negotiate some a few days before that. Having said that it’s popular this time of year, so might be worth booking?

I’m in. :+1:

I can do a week from the 12th, give or take a few days either side.

Accommodation will be tricky at that time of year.

Provisionally booked accomodation for up to 3 persons 12-19 October.

We are going 28th. Hopefully not quite so busy then.

Thank you for posting this. I would love to go to Kaly, I just need to organise myself :smiley:

Sam and I were also looking at a potential trip end of October, we need to figure things out but if others are around would be nice to meet up out there

Old members ( since 1968) we are going.

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Forgot to say but Sam and I did arrange to come out to kalymnos, here from now until 5th Nov if you wanted to meet up at some point. Maybe private message your number if so?

Yep. 07776211278