Jimmy Roberts/Joie Seagram

Hi, wondering if any members ever climbed with or knew Jimmy Roberts, Himalayan mountaineer and founder of Mountain Travel Nepal.
Also if anyone knows Joie Seagram, Canadian climber and writer?

Dear chiz,
RE: Lt. Col.Jimmy Roberts.

The only person in the Club who would have known Jimmy Roberts is the late
Brian (Ned) Kelly. Ned was a member of the club from 1956/7 to 2014. He
filmed in Nepal for Chris Bonnington and others and was a well known BBC
producer. His wife Sue may have met him, but I doubt it as she was not a
frequent visitor to Nepal.
There is a possibility that Viv Saunders a member may have just met him at
some time. David Hamilton was also a member of the NLMC and made frequent
visits to Nepal taking clients up E.
J Roberts died in 1997.

E mail: Vic Saunders is a member.
Sue Kelly email address is: suzannechapman@btinternet.com

Best wishes,
Allen Bordoley

Dear Allen, many thanks for that. I’ll email Vic and Sue when I get back from the Scottish meet.
Jimmy was my dad’s CO in the 50’s, my dad was working on his biography before he died
best wishes


Dear Chiz.
thanks. I hope that you may be able to complete the autobiography of your
Dad. Souns interesting, espeically as Jimmy Roberts was a well known

Have you written to the Ghurka association etc for people who may still be
around wo knew him.?

Allen B.

This photo was given to Trevor Panther yesterday (Sunday 5th May
2018.) He did not recognise Bob Adams!! He last saw Bob when he was
a strippling of a man, thin, wiry etc. Allen Bordoley
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