Improving the drying cupboard further

We put a vent into the drying cupboard which is taking some air to the outside. I think there’s still some work to be done to complete improvement. Having tried using it this time round it still wasn’t great. I’d like to get some second opinion on that, especially if there’s anyone in the club that knows stuff about ventilation systems / air conditioning / dehumidifiers.

Firstly, the flexible duct that takes air from the cupboard via the new fan to the outside should probably be fixed, I think at about half height in the cupboard.

Secondly, I think the dehumidifier should be moved from the top of the cupboard to the bottom. I had some suspicions and so I checked online and all of the information I’ve been able to find claims that dehumidifiers should be as low as possible. I am guessing that this is a task for the next working meet.

a) from everyone: do you agree that the drying room still isn’t working as well as ones in other huts?

b) from anyone with some level of knowledge: I think the dehumidifier, currently at the top of the cupboard, is too high up to work efficiently. I understand that it’s a refrigeration dehumidifier which needs to cool the air and then heat it. This will work best if it’s at the bottom of the cupboard. I think we should move it down and then it will work much better.

It’s a major work, so I want to start a discussion now with the plan of doing it at the next working meet.

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