Important cottage info

Mikki went to the Cottage on Saturday to find the front door lock left unlocked. The mechanism appears to have seized, so he has applied lock lube (kept under stairs) but it’s still not working.
To secure the door he has had to take a bolt off one of the toilet cubicle doors and bolt the front door shut.
Access is fine through the shower block door, same code. You can get in and out of front door, but it needs to be secured with the bolt.
I am trying to get this fixed as soon as possible but it happened whilst I was in the Lakes and am only just back. Please bear with us while we get this sorted.
Damian, the new caretaker, will be popping in today to see if he can fix the issue, and will take a new bolt for the toilet cubicle. I’m chasing options for the lock.
Also, this presumably means someone left the Cottage unlocked when they left. I will assume they did not notice the door didn’t lock.
Please report any issues asap to me so we can get things sorted!
Many thanks to Mikki for dealing with the situation,

Hut Warden

This has now been fixed, we’ll keep an eye on it and if it goes wrong again we’ll get a new lock.
Please do let me know asap if something goes wrong at the Cottage or Barn. Please don’t wait til you get back home.
Hut Warden