How (not) to die climbing slideshow Wed 6 March at the Palm Tree

Next Wednesday 6 March I’m giving a free slideshow at the Palm Tree pub at 21:30 after Mile End closes on How (not ) to die climbing. Since I’ve climbed for so long i do have a good knowledge of how to survive ,and just might have a collection of photos of club members doing their best to not survive! (I am open to bribery to perform censorship …)

Hopefully it will be somewhat amusing as well as informative.

Hope to see you there ,David .


I’ll be there!

And me

Me too

Me too if I can, sounds good!

I’m in too.

Count me in

Me as well

Froggatt is good but you need to get there early for parking. A lot of people go walking across the top so it gets busy.

I think you are on the wrong thread Richard, although maybe your comment could apply to how not to die climbing too :smiley:

Doesn’t alter what I said though. What thread are you on? My secret to not dieting climbing is to be an extreme coward.

Bloody predictive text. I meant not dieing not dieting!

should be there too :slight_smile:

And me!

I’ll be there!

Also… does anyone have a southern sandstone guidebook that I could borrow that they could bring along tonight? Would be most grateful!

Me! Will bring.

Yay, thanks Holly!

Super talk last night @dabarlow - thanks!

Sorry I missed it. I hate it when my job actually requires me to do things.

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Very entertaining @dabarlow !