Hot rock sport climbing

Hi everyone. Chatting in the pub and some thoughts turned to going somewhere warm for a weeks sport Climbing. Chullia? Kalymnos (never been!) perhaps late April? anyone interested?

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Hello! I’m new to the forum but keen to get involved in the upcoming trips and meets. I’d be up for some hot rock climbing in spring – I’ve been to Kalymnos last October and it was really good. Also Morocco’s Ammelne valley is a great trad destination (I went there last spring, superb rock and so much potential!), while Todra gorge is good for sport. However, I think late April would be… a bit too late for me as I can mainly take holidays during school half-terms (a few days earlier or later would be fine though), and the spring one will be at the end of March-beginning of April. That said, I’m willing to meet up and discuss any potential trips just in case I can make it!

Hey up

I’ve a few possible trips round that time but maybe on kalymnos - went last year and def go back especially as didn’t go to telendos - island with multi-pitch!

Also chulilla - going in a few weeks but twice in a year would not be too much :wink:

Might be thinking alps at easter …

@Tutu i’m desperate to go Morocco tradding as looks amazing (as does the sport) but maybe late in the year?

Liz :slight_smile:

Hey Liz, I tried a couple of multi-pitches on Telendos but I got an impression they’re not as good as Kalymnos single pitches! Very long and confusing approach, too. And I’d come back to Morocco at any opportunity – spring or autumn! I really loved it there. Unspoilt region with so many trad routes and even bouldering. In Spain I’ve only been to Costa Blanca near Benidorm but Chulilla looks like a great alternative.

Hi all,

I am going to Montsant/siurana/ end of march for a week with a group. Lots
to do there for all the grades. Sure people could join us out there.


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Chulilla is a bit like Rodellar - great if it fits your grade range, way more limited if it doesnt.

For 7s and 8s it’s brilliant, personally I wouldn’t recommend it for 5s or mid-6s (they aren’t bad, but there are places out there with far better, far more and far more dense concentrations of routes at that grade)

Yay to Morocco- I’ve been but not to climb - looks brilliant. Trip planning required :wink:

Plenty single pitch i’d like to do / go back on at kaly too … Friends of mine did a 6b+ on telendos by mistake (!) but it was apparently v good! :slight_smile:

Agree with Andy - Chulilla good in the higher grades but a good place for first 7a redpoints or onsights :wink:
I’m going end of Feb :slight_smile:

Just on that, we were going to offer our apartment in Cham at a 20% discount rate for NLMC members ( It sleeps 6 (tight)- rates for individual weeks are shown on the website, but an Easter week would be €500.

I’m also keen to get out there for some 2-week blocks- if anyone fancies doing some rock routes/ easy alpine and joining me, that would also be good (no accommodation charge).

07977 477 813.

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } To clarify, the example week below would be €500 before the NLMC 20% discount (I.e. €400 with the discount),

Well think i might be going for a week at easter with a random girl from Norway. … Not looked at accommodation yet … Mixture rock and winter i think … Anyone done chere couloir in winter?


Wow. Love how these threads expand. Am thinking either week 10th April or the following one. Then it’s May really. Andy is right about chullia. Amazing place, loved it but best for the 7a and above crushers! Poss kalymonos?

Be really hot in kalymnos in may …

Siurana sounds awesome too! Never been but heard a lot of good things about it. By the way, has anyone climbed in Mallorca? Very cheap flights from London! Essentially, I’m keen on any warm destination between end of March – middle of April or around those dates. I don’t actually have a climbing partner so I really want to meet new people. If anyone needs a super keen friend to climb with, please let me know! I’m anywhere between 6b+ and 7b depending on how my elbow will be recovering :unamused:

I was climbing in Mallorca last month. I thought it was excellent. Cheap flights and accommodation off-season. Lots of sport climbing at all grades in nice settings and a mixture of sea-cliffs and inland crags.

Hey @tutu

I’m not living in london any more, i’m half way between peak and Wales near stafford, but always keen to climb … Especially on going to ansteys when dry (dorset), malham and always trad especially Pembroke and n wales … Similar grades to you sport and up to e2ish type trad if it’s my lead :wink: tho i’d like to improve on that… Need to work out how much holiday i have too!

For a physio/massage type who is also a climber recommend john daines who does some nights at mile end in the porta cabin - he has always managed to fix me :slight_smile:


Super cool climbing with you. Love idea of Mallorca. New members meet 1st of April. After then? Around weekend 8/9? M

@bullopolis Thanks for putting me up a few routes! It feels great to be climbing again. I’m up for Mallorca, I’ve heard it’s great for cycling too so I’d be keen to rent a bike to explore the island :blush: And beginning of April works for me. Should be the perfect weather too, right?

@dizz_lizzie I’m around the same grade on trad! (though out of practice) Would like to try more E3s. I haven’t been to Pembroke or Ansteys and only went to Wales once (we got rained off so didn’t do much in the end :unamused:) I’ve been to Portland and Swanage a few times since they’re closer to London and easy for weekends, but nowhere else really…

I’d be interested in a trip, although more into F4-5 long multipitch than F7a and up! Would love to go back to Ariege.

@tutu - omg pembroke, gogarth, the llanberis pass, tremadog … Thousands of amazing trad routes just waiting! Plenty of people to lift share from london, or quick train and meet me on the way - i climb every weekend pretty much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@bullopolis i still have 3ish weeks leave to take before dec so keep me on the interested list for mallorca … Going chuillia, lewis, lundy so far and possbly cornwall :wink: but would really like to add a Morocco trip … And/or either back to dolomites or to the alps … Too many places …

Liz :slight_smile:

@chizharward @dizz_lizzie @Tutu. Coolio crew! So looking at Mallorca the week after the new members meet. 3rd till 9th April. Although flights are cheaper from 4th till 11th. Agreed? If so will get some flight times and get it booked! Super excited :blush: :shrimp::crab::dolphin: