History in text and photos

Dear Members,

I started the history some weeks back, although it has been continuous for some years now. As the 60th anniversary is coming up and there are many members new and old who do not know how we evolved and grew I shall continue with the history in this new forum. Photos etc from early and not so early members will be welcome to be added where applicable. I have to find how to add the photos on this new site, etc.

Allen Bordoley .Hon.member. Joined 23rd February 1957

The other early surviving member is Robert (Bob) Adams, who joined about Sept or October 1956. Both of us have had continuous membership since joining… Up to last year there were three of us who had a long continuous membership. Brian (Ned) Kelly passed away last year.2014. (See obituary posted into Newsletter.

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Look forward to the next update!

Dear jrtomlins, Thanks. I hjope to restart shortly on the history.

Best wishes,
Allen B.