Harrison's rocks - day trip Saturday 19th August

Top ropes, sandstone and the occasional steam train.

I was thinking about popping to Harrison’s rocks in Kent on Saturday 19th August, for a day trip. If you haven’t been to Harrison’s rocks then I’d highly recommend it. It’s top roping only to protect the sandy rock but it’s great fun with some really interesting climbs. It’s free to climb - you just need to get there.

A plus is that you don’t need to drive - we can get the train (and a bus) fairly easily from London Bridge. Which is what I’ll do.

It’s also a great place for families as well as there’s a car park if you want to drive (but bring cash), toilets, easy walking/ bike riding paths and a pub near by for a refreshing pint after the hardcore climbing you’ll be doing.

Let me know if you’re interested in a fun day out in the woods - bring a picnic. :slight_smile:

Personally I’d recommend the train to Eridge and then a short walk. Return journey is helped by the fact that you can see the station platform from the beer garden of the Hunstman!

Haha thanks for the tip Josh! Sounds like a brilliant plan. Still from London Bridge. Maybe see you there?

I haven’t been to sandstone since my very first few climbing outings! I wouldn’t mind going if there’s no extended trip for that weekend. There is an exciting climb I’d love to finish called The Flakes :grin:

Ah, going to be down in Cornwall that weekend. Can be found at Harrison’s or Bowles most weekends through the summer though. When the weather is good, but not quite good enough to go further afield! I still need to finish the flakes too!

Yes! I think it’s my new favourite place for just that - iffy weather but some really interesting climbs.

I am taking my pal Andrea and a new member Matt Garrod so will be there in my red NLMC t-shirt and people can just decide on the weekend :slight_smile: