Free Solo Sat 15th Dec


This is on at the art-house cinema in Greenwich. Thinking of going Saturday pm if anyone is prepared to make the journey.




Saw it last week, but definitely worth it.


Paul and I saw it last night and Alex Honald himself turned up!


I think I’ll go tomorrow. Will keep an eye out for the big man


Was Alex alone and did he have to buy a ticket ?

(For the benefit of Fran alone, I here explain that that is my dreadful “Free Solo” joke)


Just watched it. Go. Also see Dawn Wall - ideally first! But both v good films. Be prepared to be on the seat edge but also to laugh. I get the obsession part possibly more than I might like to admit! :slight_smile:


I saw it last night. :grinning: last seat in (an admittedly small) theatre.

Very good, harrowing watching and that’s even knowing he did it! Having the background and relationship story made it relatable to a wide audience, otherwise would never have gotten such a wide release.


Some smart arse on the Castle setting team has set a mini karate-kick boulder problem on the orange 6b+ in the wells. Guessing they saw Free Solo…