Free Solo 11th December

Alex Honnold’s Free Solo is showing at Hackney Picturehouse on 11th December

You need to be a member to get tickets (I’ve already bought two) [edit: apparently you don’t] An evening of restraint ahead of the Christmas Curry debauchery?

Mate. Sounds good. Can you get two for me amd naomi?

I just tried but annoyingly it seems I am restricted to buying 2 maximum.

Picturehouse membership is actually quite a good deal if you have one near where you live?

Great spot Paul. I just bought myself a ticket too. I didn’t bother with becoming a member though.

Oh so you can get tickets even without membership? Weird, it seemed like you needed to log in when I tried. @bullopolis, maybe you can just get them like Peter did? (Perhaps it was an effect of trying to book on my phone?)

Cool. I’ll give ‘em a go :+1:

Tim and I have booked our tickets (row J, seats 14 & 15). You don’t need to login via this link (just scroll past and ignore the red membership box):

£15.70 per adult ticket.

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@jrtomlins wanna go?

Just booked. Row J 18 and 19

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Booked too! J20 :slight_smile:

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What time are you folks arriving? I am in the bar now.

I am laaaate! Will be there at 6.03 (I Hope)

Hi guys. We are at old st. Has it started? What time does the film actually start? :flushed:

Still hasn’t started :wink: RUN!

Fantastic late entrance from Martin and Naomi - did you stay in those front row seats until the end?!

Had to run straight after to catch the Liverpool game, but I thought the film was great! Look forward to chatting about it tomorrow evening.

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