Free set of Snow Chains

I have a set of hardly used snow chains which don’t fit my current car - free to a good home. I know winters nearly over but anyone interested?

Photo enclosed with wheel size compatibility

I think Sara posted these here a year ago but with no interest but things may have changed…

Help me out in my ignorance…how to find out if these fit my car?

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Definitely interested if they are still going. From memory 255/55 is right for me. I only have these silly snow socks that Halfords insist are good enough but have so many warnings I have no confidence. I’m out of the country but back probably due Wednesday. How could I arrange to collect? Thanks for offering!

Mike will make more use of them than me, so I’ll step away…

The chains are yours if you wish. Why don’t you check your wheels size and get back to me. There is no hurry as they are going nowhere.

As for collection, assuming they fit, I could bring them to the Mile End one Wednesday if that works?



Are you still interested in the snow chains as I think there was another potential taker…



Hi Richard;

Definitely interested and I checked and the tyre size seems to match. I just have not really been around club stuff (see Tatra photos ). I’ll be at Mile end on Wednesday for sure. Would you be able to bring them then?

Mike. Yes, I can do the wall on Wednesday. I’ll bring them along.

Mike. I am at the Mile End. Climbing in fawn trousers and a cycle top.