Free climbing / scrambling guides

Hi, I’m relocating to Switzerland and have a bunch of guides that I doubt I’m going to use when visiting blighty for cheeky future climbs - ideally someone would take nearly all of them - you need to let me know before Wednesday lunch as they’ll end up in storage/recycled.

Hi Andrew. I would be interested if no one else makes a claim. I see a whole bunch there that will fill holes in my meager collection! :+1: cheers Martin

Would love nearly all of them, particularly Wye Valley and Cornwall!

First come first served, ask Martin to share if he fancies.

Bear with me, will sort collection in a week or two (kicking off a renovation at the mo)

Martin, i’d take the Swanage guide off you if you happened to not want that one for some reason…

Thanks so much Andrew. Bottle of whisky comin your way. Guys only ones i dont need are the southern sandstone, peak bouldering and the west country guide. Any use?

Happy with whatever drabs I can get. I have the west country guide, but lack southern sandstone and peak bouldering.

@jrtomlins, they are yours mate :+1:

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Hey guys / all, sorry for the delay, been really busy.

I’ve brought the books all into work on Cannon St - drop me a whatsapp / text when you’d like to collect: 07540981988.

Also, I’ve got these 30 or so maps to give away:

Anyone want to take all of them? (And potentially share out also)

Many thanks,


I wonder if we can put them in a club store somewhere.

Could anyone collect them and bring them to the curry on Wednesday for distribution?

I’m keen for some of these. I could collect on Wednesday prior to the curry, unless anyone else is in the area & could pick up?

Andrew do you need them collecting before Wednesday lunchtime? I can come get them from Cannon St but not til late afternoon

I’m in Switzerland on Wednesday - could you come round on Tuesday / tomorrow?

I can’t I’m afraid, but my husband works in Old Street and he could collect them after 2pm if that’s convenient?

2pm or later is perfect, just give him my number from above and get him to message me roughly when he’s coming

Ho guys. Just read this. I am meeting andrew to pick up the guides so could pick up the maps too. I’ll bring a rucksack!

Ah fab thanks Martin!

Many thanks for the 14 year old whisky Martin - much appreciated!

Sorry I can’t come to the xmas curry guys, bit full on at the mo. Will catch Dave Adler skiing next year - @khalidqasrawi , if you come over to Saas Fee / alps for touring, let me know and I’ll try and say hello / join.

Hi @andrew. Good luck with your move. Where will you be based? I’ll be in Saas-Fee for a few weeks from 5-Jan. Probably not touring season but I’m expecting great snow! Where are you going to be based?