Free book to good home - Classic Rock, Ken Wilson

I got the later version of this, so this copy is free to a good gome :slight_smile:

I’m in Stoke Newington, so can meet up anywhere nearby.

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It would be amazing to have one at the cottage for rainy days.

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Very good point! Happy to donate to the cottage :grinning:




I was going to get one off Amazon second hand but bloody James Machaffie bought it first (I saw him showing it off on Instagram).

Is it hard to get these days then? Or was it just a lot cheaper? It’s not the next ER is it?

Damn you @tomhardie!!!


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I’ll send you some photos of the best bits…?

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There was a copy of this in the Cottage, but somebody seems to have stolen it, would be good to get another one

What’s the route on the front please? My copy has Napes Needle.

It’s the same edition as mine, it’s Pegasus, at Chair Ladder