*Found* I need a house sitter / lodger in Hackney, 780£/month

** Found a tenant. Still going to Spain and Morocco if you are climbing out and about, give me a message!**

I have a great 1 bed flat in Hackney with a brand new kitchen and bathroom but I just want to travel&climb mountains so I am rarely at home. Do you know someone who wants to rent the bedroom for 780£+half the bills (about 85£/month) and tolerate me living in the lounge for a few days per month? Otherwise you would have a one bed place all to yourself :wink: I need someone who can commit for the next 6 months, or more.

:evergreen_tree::minibus::lizard::sunny: I have plans for the next 6 months in French Alps, Finale, Chulillas and Moroccan Anti-Atlas, followed by Turkey and Caucasus… Give me a shout also if you fancy skiing or climbing at Christmas or January in Morocco!

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