Font guidebooks?


Hi all, a very last minute request!

@Miguel_Aguirre, myself and a few others have organised a last minute trip to Fontainebleau this weekend. Currently we only possess a guidebook from 2012 (Montchaussé’s Fontainebleau Climbs), and wondered if any generous people could lend us something more up to date in exchange for a pint and forthcoming tales/photos of us flailing on sandstone circuits.

I can pick up from Mile End tomorrow evening or anywhere in the city before Friday eve. Please let us know, thank you! :grinning:


@hannahlee15 I have the 2016 “Top Secret” guilde… I like the places it takes you which are a bit out of the way.


Amazing, it would be great if we could borrow. Where could I or @Miguel_Aguirre pick up from you?


I have the Jingo Wobbly guide from 2016


Yes!! Let us know where/when we can pick up from you!


I’m in old Street today (Baches Street - 2 mins from the station) until 4.30pm, any time is fine. PM me your number & we can arrange!


This topo is one of the more comprehensive ones for Font and as a bonus includes GPS location info for most of the boulders.

Get the app and get your 7 days free trial :wink:

Remember to download the offline versions as the forest doesn’t always have the best mobile network…