Female Mountaineer needed to answers some Qs from 10-11 year olds

Hello Women of NLMC

I’ve had the following lovely request come through from a London school. Can anyone help? I fear my COVID cough would scare the kids at the moment, and I’ve always been more of a rock climber than a mountaineer.

My name is Brigid Shine, I am a Geography teacher at Channing Junior School in North London. This term with my Y6 classes our topic is Mountains! My students and I are very disappointed that due to Coronavirus we are unable to go on a field trip to learn about mountains for ourselves! We have planned to use our school’s virtual reality goggles to experience Everest. However we would also LOVE to learn from an experienced female mountaineer and expert in the field through a Zoom workshop/Q&A with you. Is this something that you offer/would be interested in hosting? Our lessons take place on Monday at 11.30 - 12.30 UK time but we are happy to be flexible with time depending on what might suit you.

Our proposed dates for the Q&A would be:

  • Monday 23rd November
  • Monday 30th November
  • Monday 7th December

My email is jsupply@channing.co.uk and myself and my students would be so thrilled to hear from you. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.



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Have you asked Yvonne? I’m not so much a mountains perso but I could do it if you really needed.


That would be wonderful, @coffeepot … let me ask Yvonne :wink: and if she doesn’t fancy it, you would be terrific.

Yvonne @ypsell - would you be interested?

It’s such a sweet request, that I’d to see someone from the Club help them if possible… and I’ll post out a cupcake to whoever takes this on! :slight_smile:

sure, why not? Shall I just reply directly Brigid? Please no cupcakes!! I’m already baking far too much and its not even Christmas time yet!


Surplus cupcakes can be sent to me, no questions asked


Presidential prerogative dictates that all surplus cupcakes go to me first. I get all the legal cupcakes. Ask anybody. It’s in the constitution! Matt only gets cupcakes that are fraudulent. Bad things happen in Matt’s kitchen. SAD!

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Yes please Yvonne, you’re a star :dizzy: :100: And here’s a virtual cupcake :cupcake: in lieu of a real one!

And so the slow creep into dictatorship begins…

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I’m sure we can impeach him for something


Does it have to be a peach?

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You’re right Richard, impineappling is far worse, especially if you use the pointy end :pineapple:

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Tried imsatsuma once. Would probably have been better if I’d peeled it first.

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That has conjured an image !

Discovered what pipsqeak means!


Well that went surprisingly well. 45 attendees, they ended up all at home self-isolating. Actually could not answer all the questions they kept asking! The teacher had to call time out. Was good fun and they especially liked seeing an ice axe.


What went well?

Nice Job Yvonne! Did you show them ice screws. I did a community storytelling and took ice screws. People have never seen such things as bizarre as a screw you put into ice!

Nurse for Haszko!


Sounds really cool Y. Next generation of mountaineers in the making?

I really wished I’d brought an screw into the office- thought of it too late. Given the reaction to the axe I can only imagine the ice screw! Showed them a cam and on chat someone said ‘so small but so strong’ I’m pretty sure they were talking about the cam! :laughing: