Family weekend - the barn is reserved for you

Just a note to families about the barn.

It’s summertime (unless you’re in your park where rain hail and sun has happened all in one day) and as always the barn is reserved for families to use until the 5th August!

Enjoy :blush:

…and a reminder that if it’s not wall to wall sunshine feel free to take some wood from the Cottage woodstore for use at the Family Meet*.

If you are staying at the Barn, please do let me know about any issues there, or things that might improve the place, and have a great time, I’ll be up at the Cottage weeknights next week if anyone fancies a climb in the early evenings. I’ll be bringing up 20kilos of cleaning supplies if anyone is feeling helpful…

*Apart from working meets the Family Meet is the only time any members can use Cottage wood in the Barn, whatever personal arrangements may have been made with previous wardens! If you are a member and rent the Barn out, you have to provide your own wood.