Family friendly London meet - late spring/summer

Hello, I’m looking to arrange a London based meet that will hopefully appeal to our young families as well as generally to all club members. I’m trying to decide a location. I was thinking about somewhere near some climbing where people could potentially climb then meet in the park for picnic (teddy bears optional).
Potentially Clissold Park/castle or somewhere a bit further afield like Hampstead Heath or Greenwich. It might be good to set up some slack lines and games. Does anyone have any input on what might work well? Are there any climbing venues near a good potential park? Let me know your thoughts.

If “near London” rather than “in London” then Bowles has a good setup for this from what I remember. We were debating a trip over there some point in the spring for some social messing about. That may be more involved than what you had in mind though…

Shoreditch park has a boulder… but Hampstead heath is sweet. Might be good to think of somewhere with a near by pub/toilets too?

I’ve seen a load of slack lines set up at clissold park once. Looked fun & it’s a family friendly park.

Hi Fran,

Great idea! Bowles (more green space) or Harrisons (in the woods) would both be good shouts. Southern Sandstone can be alreet, particularly if there are few different groups sharing the chore of setting up top ropes.

Shoreditch boulder = hard! Perhaps not the lovliest park either.

One option is Fairlop Boulders, out East on the central line. 8 or so big sculpted boulders, reasonably entertaining clambering, and probably a nice picnic site near the lake though I haven’t explored that far.

Hi Fran, this sounds great. Count me in, as well my two boys (ages 7 and nearly 3). I am well located for southern sandstone (I live in Forest Hill, SE23), but haven’t actually tried it yet. I’d be happy to come up to North London and go to the castle then come to Clissold Park, or go down to southern sandstone.

I’m also planning to take my elder boy up to North Wales once winter is over, so if anyone has kids of similar age and planning to introduce them to real rock, let me know!

This is great. Originally I was thinking of a London based meet but as so many are keen to go outdoors and hit the Ssndstone I think that we should go with that. Everyone gets to play/picnic and climb. Sounds good. I’ve been to Harrison’s and there are useful facilities like toilets and kid friendly. I’ve not been to Bowls. Any preferences for dates? I’ll check the calendar and see where we can fit something in

Bowles is an outdoor centre, includes a dry ski slope and a swimming pool, the difference is that you are climbing in a fairly sanitised version of the outdoors (that might include a mown lawn, can’t remember).

Harrisons is in the woods, bit more walking etc but quite a different vibe altogether.

Ah I think it’s Bowls I mean and have been too. Also accessible by train as we have done that before there is option for bouldering too.

I’ve looked at the diary:

I’d prefer a Sunday at the moment as our kids go swimming on Sat but they might have days when it’s not on and they stop over the Summer hold so possible dates there too. If it’s successful we could go a few times over the summer. I think it would be a day trip. Looking at the 11th June or 18th June. Do either of these dates work a few of you? Would you prefer it to be in the school hols?

Definitely can’t do the 11th.

Unsure on the 18th - possible but not sure.

I’m away the 11th, Ruth will be around, and we all could do the 18th.

Are people still free and keen for sunday 18th June? If yes I’ll start a new trip thread :grinning:

Go for it, Fran. I’ll be just outside south London that weekend so hope to
join you.


I think we are free on the 18th and looking forward to getting out.

Shout if need anything - can just about remember what southern sandstone venues are like and what’s there…